Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just like Cracker Barrel

I thought I'd try making the "veggie plate"

I decided to make a Cracker Barrel veggie plate for dinner tonight.  We had potatoes that needed to be used, so homemade mashed potatoes were on the menu.  The kids usually love to eat honey-glazed carrots and occasionally they will eat peas.  I added some chicken strips at the end (not pictured).  There is also a bowl of brown rice pudding that I decided to make once the rice cooker destroyed the brown rice (originally for Polynesian Chicken and rice from the e-mealz plan).  In an effort to salvage the rice rather than toss it, I tried to find a recipe that used brown (cooked) rice and came across the rice pudding.  I think it came out OK and Clarkie seemed to agree.  And you can't eat sides from the Cracker Barrel without having their Fried Apples (though mine were not fried and used only a tad bit of butter).  The kids, of course, loved them.

They were really surprised to wake up from their naps this afternoon and see that another set of triplets were here to play.  It's sort of an interesting thing to just observe young toddlers (and two sets of triplets) co-mingling and checking each other out.  We hope to make play dates much more frequent in the next few months as we prepare for some sort of preschool or Mother's Day Out program next Fall.

Time to call it a day.

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Karen said...

Wow...impressive. Hope the kids gobbled it up. Looks delish!