Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please watch and support a Knoxville mom who is seeking justice in her son's name

Tonight is a very important story to be featured on CNN (EDIT: it is actually airing on HLN here in Knoxville but is a CNN show or something - we don't have cable so I have no clue really, but I want to get the word out) regarding Katie Allison-Granju who is a Knoxville mom and blogger.  Her 18-year-old son, Henry, died last May as a result of an attack and drug overdose.  He should not have died.  But even more disturbing is that there have been no arrests in the case related to his death.  Please feel free to check out the link above and then search her blog for more information on this terrible tragedy.
I pray that justice will prevail and that this will NOT have to happen to any other children (in Knoxville or anywhere).
I support Katie's efforts and want to get the word out about the case (or lack thereof) and ask that anyone with information will contact the authorities.  I also ask that you petition the local DA's office to prosecute.
Thanks for reading.  I'll be back this evening with more pictures.

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