Thursday, May 13, 2010

Budding Photographers Saying "Cheesy!!!"

For some stupid reason, I thought that I would try to sell old cameras (that use FILM) at the garage sale last weekend.  When they didn't sell, I put them to the side to decide if I should just throw them out rather than donating them.  When I saw them this afternoon I realized that they were the PERFECT plaything.  The kids LOVE to try to touch Mommy's camera, so I thought I'd let them play with these virtually useless cameras.  Somehow I will find a way to teach them that these cameras are for them to play with and should NOT be confused with Mommy's camera.
Kendall got hers to play with and immediately started yelling "Cheesy!" and aiming it at me (actually it was backwards).  All three of them were VERY interested in the camera.  I was lucky to have a second one and two camera bags to divide up between them and avoid most of the meltdowns.  You can probably see that Clark still got pretty upset with me when he couldn't have the first camera. 
Aside from that, we had fun playing "budding photographers" but I'm thinking that I should consider putting film in them just to see what kinds of pictures that they might take.

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"Auntie" Deb said...

It would be fun to see the world from their perspective.