Saturday, May 29, 2010

Greetings From Louis Land

It's official.  We are opening our own toddler theme park - Louis Land.  We've set them up in the backyard so that we should be able to get through the summer with PLENTY for them to do!  They've also got an area to play in the garage and their actual playroom, of course.  But the backyard is turning out to be quite the place "to be".  I'm thinking that we will be charging admission soon.  OK, not really.  But Daddy and I did have a pretty good time this afternoon working to add the new playhouse (thanks to the equipment loan from Nanny Barb) and cleaned up the patio chairs, etc.  We tried to set the house up in a shadier space so that they can get a break from the sun in the morning when it is blazing hot. 
So, "Greetings from Louis Land!".  Please feel free to stop by and hang out anytime.

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Karen said...

They look like they are having a ball in "Louis Land." Who wouldn't? Every toddlers dream. Summer time should be a blast for them! Very cute pictures and I LOVE that first pic of Kendall.