Monday, May 31, 2010

Little Stinker, Exceptionally Cute and Super Sweet

When you wake up each morning with three toddlers, you never know what you are going to get.  Today was the day we got Little Stinker (AKA Emma), Exceptionally Cute (AKA Clark) and Super Sweet (AKA Kendall). 
Emma has definitely hit the "terrible twos" and seems to be testing everyone.  All of those not-so-cute things that her brother and sister have gone through (biting, hitting, stealing toys, throwing a temper tantrum on the floor) have seemed to crop up in her repertoire.  She has the dramatic fall to the floor when things don't go her way.  It's just pitiful because we've been through it twice (and it still appears from time-to-time with K and C), so we are less than sympathetic and just want to help her work past whatever it is that is causing her distress.  She can be so incredibly cute and then just plain ornery.  She does something naughty, gets reprimanded and then sort of gives you the "evil eye".  She watches you and goes off to be sneaky on her own and have alone-time while seemingly plotting your destruction or something.  OK, that's a little extreme, but this girl is smart and I just wonder what is going on in her little head when she appears to be a little ticked-off at Mommy.  And that is also why she isn't in any pics.  She was annoyed with me and hid from the camera all evening.  Little stinker!
Clark was in a cute-mode today.  Mommy and Daddy spent some time this morning cleaning while The Wiggles, Sesame Street and Auntie Karen kept them entertained.  He wandered around picking things up, sweeping (because that was what Daddy was doing) and just being curious without being destructive.  He and Kendall had a number of moments where they enjoyed time playing together (at the sand table, peek-a-boo in their cool playhouse) and he just looks at her and starts identifying "eyes", "nose", "hair".  It was precious.  He also seems to really want to sing along with us during quite a few songs, including almost the entire alphabet song without any help.  : ) My boy is growing up!
And Kendall was just super-sweet.  Well, except for her bath time meltdown.  But beyond that, she was pretty cute.  At nap time, I got the Hello Kitty bandaids to tend to her foot injury from the zoo yesterday (since her foot would be inaccessible once she was in a sleep sack for nap).  She was saying "bye-bye boo-boo" and "kitty - meow" while I was putting on the Neosporin and bandaids.  She was also super huggy with Mommy after baths and sat still for an entire story (that had more than four words on a page).  She seemed to be happy sitting in my lap and pointing to things in the pictures with me. 
Ahhhhhhh.  Memorial Day was a good day.  Good food at our house for dinner with Poo-pa too.  A visit from Auntie Karen this morning.  Good naps.  And now an early post so that I can sit and read for a little while before bed.  I've decided to reward myself for working hard this weekend and enjoy some downtime.   I will turn OFF the computer but the TV is calling my name.  And I will avoid the temptation. 
God Bless America!  And good night all!

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