Saturday, May 1, 2010

Slacker Mom

Slacker Mom didn't get any pictures worth posting, but below are three (just for kicks).  There are none of Emma because she was busy melting down when I took these three and was headed out so I didn't have any other opportunities.
Yes Emma, you were not the angel-child.  In fact, you have been a little challenging for the last few days.  You don't seem to want to eat anything we put in front of you except buttered noodles and pancakes (on second thought, who can blame her???).  You fuss when we try bath time, bed time, play time. But Mommy is hoping that tomorrow is YOUR day to shine.  In the meantime, I just keep hoping that you will return to being a "Mommy's-girl" sometime soon because this whole wanting-Daddy-to-put-me-to-bed-thing could really get old.
Kendall was super-funny today.  She was so helpful when it was time for a diaper-change that she stretched right out on the floor ready for me to finish up.  Later, Mommy was faking the sleep thing and pretending to snore, so K stretched out across my back and starting snoring as well, except MUCH louder.  How I wish I had a video camera right then!  And she enjoyed seeing the girlie additions to her room that Mommy added last night just before bed (flowers on the wall, a teddy bear on the desk, pink daisies on the dresser).   You told me that the rug in your room was "pretty" this afternoon after your nap and I just wanted to kiss you. 
And Clark, you were sort of a screamer again today.  You seem to have sort of a separation anxiety thing going on but it also means that you tend to be more snuggly too and I can't argue with snuggling. :)  You were singing with us in the playroom this afternoon and we enjoyed a good book together too.

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