Friday, May 7, 2010

Close-up with Clark

I did not manage to get in too many pictures tonight and, quite frankly, the kids were looking a little rough.  They had  a long day and were fairly pooped this evening.  The girls are suffering with some sort of eye goop thing.  We think it is a result of allergies (To what?  We have no idea).  They spent much of the day outside and whenever that happens, we notice eye goop later.  For now, I'm not going to be concerned, but try to be sure that they are comfortable.  It is pretty gross and I worked hard to rid their eyes of said gross-ness while playing with them and hoping that it is not contagious. 
Clark was contemplative this evening and so I thought I'd share a couple of just him.   We are frustrated that our handsome devil doesn't seem to answer to his name very often.  Today, I asked his speech therapist if he's asking for a name change.  I just don't see WHY he completely ignores his name being called???   Could it be that he is confused as to what is really his name???  Surely not since we seem to say it every flippin' second frequently enough that he can be sure to know who's attention we are working to capture. 
I have really loved that his interest in books has seemingly bloomed overnight.  He didn't have much of a desire to sit and peruse any books.  Lately, he will sit on his own and flip through a book, or even sit patiently in a lap and wait for a story to be ready to him.  Don't get me wrong though.  There are times when he could care less about the words that are written on the page because he seems to want to get to the part when he can say "The End".
Speaking of which..............................

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