Saturday, May 15, 2010


Edit: I just wanted to point out that I didn't mean to imply Auntie Karen was the reason that THE INCIDENT occurred.  She was innocently helping Kendall put bottles of juice back on a shelf and didn't realize that there was any sort of risk for said INCIDENT. 
I just didn't want Auntie Karen to be blamed for the fact that my rabid daughter my "just-coming-into-her aggressive-side" daughter bit her brother in the face.  I have no idea what really happened, but I have a feeling that the plaintiff in this case (brother) was probably the original instigator and stole from the defendant (his sister) which resulted in her biting him.  Don't get me wrong, stealing a toy does NOT mean that biting is appropriate and we are definitely going to work on the "no biting" rule, but I'm just wondering if Ems is getting a little tired of being bullied and stuck up for herself today. 
I say this also because later she was pitching a fit when I said we needed to go inside and get ready for baths.  We were in the garage at the time (just returning from a great time with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom at Pueleo's Grille) and she flipped over a chair.  This is an reaction that typically comes from Clark and/or Kendall, but not Ems.  She does get mad, but isn't known for that sort of thing.  Looks like it might shape up to be an interesting week.  And I should probably get to work on a better "naughty box" as the one we were using almost tipped over with Emma inside.  Ugh!
Have a great rest of your Saturday and don't forget that tomorrow is CLEAN SHEET SUNDAY!  I can't wait for those fresh, soft, Downy-smelling sheets tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad you cleared that up. I was worried that Auntie Karen was training a WWF team. Did you take a picture of the evidence against Ems? Is Clark sporting a bruise today? - tm

Karen said...

Well tm, I think Kim and I were as traumatized and shocked as Clark. Of course after nap time he went right back to stealing her toys. :) FYI- no bruise just a perfect set of prints that CSI could get some very incriminating evidence from. LOL Time for a visit soon isn't it??? The kids are adorable and so fun.