Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cluck, cluck. Quack, quack. Happy Easter....?

What?  Easter was 4 weeks ago?  Well, that may be the case in YOUR house, but here, we were having a little Easter celebration.  The kids had some fun Easter treats from Auntie Karen (& Uncle Tom), Mommy & Daddy and bunnies from Tommy & Stephanie.  Since we spent the day at our friend's lake house with the family, they didn't really get a chance to notice the goodies.  And it really wasn't all about the gifts on Easter anyway.  Since then, I've been keeping this large tote of Easter things (including the goodies for this year) in the living room with plans to dress them up and get pictures of each one with their basket.
In typical Mommy-fashion, it's now 4 weeks later and still no Easter pictures, so tonight I just threw the baskets in their playroom with all three (in the front window) and let them have at it.  They had so much fun checking out the little goodies.  More importantly, they LOVED the Easter grass.  They threw it up in the air squealing "wooooooooo".  It was so sweet.  I really enjoyed taking pictures of all of the fun.
I hope you all enjoy them too.  Happy Easter.  


Karen said...

How fun! They sure are having lots of fun and giggles these days. Maybe we can do Christmas when I come see them tomorrow. :) Ok...I'll settle for playing on the Matterhorn or the piano. Those little faces we definitely cheer me up!

"Auntie" Deb said...

ADORABLE! It looks like the grass was a huge hit. And that pic of Ems in the glasses-too cute!