Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Double-boob", splashing in the men's room toilet and other Tuesday fun!

Emma knows the alphabet.  She knows the letters by sight, their sound and the ABC song.  BUT she doesn't have the name of each letter quite right.  She calls the letter W "double-boob."  It's cute and funny and I hope we get it on video.
Today we joined the YMCA.  I'm excited because they offer Child Watch so that I can go hang out and read books/magazines work out and the kids are taken care of for up to two hours per day (max of 5 days each week).  I'm also excited because I think it gives them the opportunity to play with other children and get a change of scenery.  But, I'm realistic and knew that it might be an adjustment for them.  As expected, Clark didn't enjoy being dropped off and screamed for about 4 minutes (they are allowed 10 min before the parents are asked to come back).  I was standing just outside the door listening to be sure that he would settle down.  Then I headed for the treadmill and gave myself about 30 minutes before going back downstairs to check on them.  They were doing well, but after a quick potty-break for me, I heard the beginning of an Emma meltdown.  I gave it a couple of minutes, but knew that it sounded like one that would not wind down easily.  No one seemed to know what started it, but I decided that the kids had well for 40 minutes and that we should cut our losses and go home.  Unfortunately, by that time, Clark was having a blast and Kendall was completely entertained, but we will do it again.
Leaving the Y and getting to the van is another adventure.  As we headed down the hallway, an older gentleman was kind enough to ask Kendall, "Did Mommy hit you in the eye?" (because of her eye goop and allergy issue, her eyes and just below are a MESS).  As I was contemplating how to respond to his funny remark (you can hear me laughing, right???), my precious son darted away from me.  I ran after him only to find him in the men's restroom with his hand in the toilet water.  Can I just tell you that one of my WORST POSSIBLE FEARS is that of having my children come in contact with ANYTHING in a public restroom?!?!  I mean there are other fears that relate to their general health and well-being, but beyond those things, this tops my list of EEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I should tell you now that the restroom had JUST BEEN CLEANED and showed no signs of use and was in pretty good shape, but still, I had the sudden urge to bathe my child in Purell calmly get him washed off and sanitized as quickly as possible.  Don't they have one of those biohazard/chemical contamination showers at the Y because that was what I was looking for so that he could be properly decontaminated????
Beyond the toilet adventure, I had the overwhelmingly scary task of getting the kids from the door of the building safely to the van.  We aren't in the situation often where all three are walking through a parking lot (usually we have carts, strollers or the choo-choo wagon).  And we almost NEVER are alone when attempting this sort of thing.  So, I was a wreck.  They have not learned the simple task of holding hands with me and/or a sibling and sticking with Mommy.  They have no sense of fear or danger around the cars.  They only have a sense of wonder at all of the big trucks, cars and the pool (although they just called it "water" since they don't know it's a pool).  Clark did run away from me at one point and I screamed at him and ran after him while pulling the girls with me.  He had just run around the back of the van, but that was pure luck.  There could have very easily been a car pulling out or driving past.  I'm not being paranoid or "Negative Nelly".  I just need to work through this obstacle. 
My next task at hand is to teach them how to walk together with a parent/guardian and siblings in a parking lot (or similar place) safely and to listen to the adults.  I'm hoping that other parents (especially those with multiples) can chime in and give me some advice as to what works and how to accomplish the "training at hand".  I want them to be safe and I don't want to look like a screaming freak when we are out and about.  I want us to have fun and relax. 
So, today at the YMCA was OK.  It can improve and it will.  We will just keep practicing.  And hopefully Mommy will end up with a better looking bum in the process. :)
***I will post pictures later once I have access to Troy's laptop, but wanted to get my post written early.  Mommy needs some extra sleepy-time tonight.  So, check back later this evening for the pictures!***

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Karen said...

All I can say is...OH MY! You had quite a day. They'll be good little marchers going hand in hand after a little practice (and maybe some bribery). Double-boob, too funny! Toilet...hmmm...I don't know.