Friday, May 14, 2010

Water Fun!!! And some really cute pigtails!

The kids had a super busy day today.  Nanny Barb and Sue kept them busy playing in the shade of the garage and then it was swim suit time for the turtle pool!  Later, we were all out on the back porch with the turtle pool and the water table.  Our other triplet friends came over (they are 8 mos younger than our kids) and I think they had a great time too.  All SIX toddlers were cautious around each other at first and later just went about their own thing while occasionally acknowledging each other with a pat on the head, attempted hug or something similar.  My kids kept calling the others "babies", but I think that is just their generic term for other children.  I'm hoping that their mommy will bring them back again soon!
Nanny Barb also got the girls' hair up in pigtails and I tried to get some pictures before they disappeared.  She is a whiz at toddler girl hairdos. 
Mommy is too pooped to write more, but hopefully you can see what a great day they had and I hope that they sleep like...well, babies.  Goodnight all.

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