Saturday, May 15, 2010

Squiggle Hose and THE INCIDENT

I got out the water toy that hooks into the hose and squiggles around.  I think the jury is still out as to whether the kids like it or not.  Kendall seemed to conquer it right away and learned how to grab the squiggle and aim it at her brother (or Auntie Karen or Mommy).  Clark and Emma were much more cautious as I think they managed to get squirted right in the eye, ear or nose.  Clark decided to tackle it with the broom and Emma brought out a kiddie golf club and then went at it.  I can't say that either tool proved helpful, but they seemed more willing to get back in the "game." 
Later we went for a walk to a garage sale a few doors down and found some wonderful new books and a cool new Leapfrog toy that is a phone and also teaches more about letters and phonics.  Mommy thought this would be a hit with the kids.  When we were back in the garage playing with our new goodies, I went inside to start fixing lunch and left Auntie Karen in charge.  Only a few minutes passed before I heard Clark screaming and Karen came in calling me.  He had a huge welt on the side of his face.  At first, I thought he had been stung by a bee/wasp and was obviously having a reaction.  Quickly I realized that it was not a sting, but a large impression of a full set of teeth left in the side of his face.  Not just a row of teeth, but uppers and lowers.  I don't even know how that happens.  Karen also immediately added that it appeared that EMMA bit him.  She isn't known for this type of behavior, so I was confused.  Kendall was with Auntie Karen when this happened, so she knows that it had to be Emma.  They were playing with the new, super-cool LeapFrog toy and it looks like she bit him. 
We can't be sure what really happened, but this lead to a FORTY-FIVE minute meltdown by Clark.  My mind raced as I considered the possibility that my daughter could have rabies and BIT her brother and he was now having a serious reaction because it was AWFUL.  This couldn't just be from the bite.  It was too much.  But, as I discussed later with Karen, I think he was soooooo mad that he didn't know how to handle the emotions and just lost it completely.  I tried everything to calm and soothe him and finally just had to put him down for a nap (with a paci...UGH!).  He was obviously exhausted by that time and it was the first glimpse of calm I had seen in him since the incident
After the first half of the day, I've decided to go ahead and post just in case I can't get to it later.  If I get more pictures and find the energy this evening, I'll just post an extra round today, but it's doubtful. 
I'm considering a nap right now.......hmmmm........
Oh and since I'm doing outdoors with water, I'm using my little point-and-shoot, so the pics aren't the best, but I'm going ahead posting them and throwing in a few that are blurry just because they still "tell a story."

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