Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Building Blocks

Building blocks can come in many forms.

Like this:

A "toddler salad" made up of just a couple of pieces of lettuce, two chunks of ruby red tomatoes and a few slivers of crunchy carrots.  Most of this particular "building block" will end up in the trash, but I can say that I am TRYING to expose my kids to veggies and to new flavors, new textures, new colors.   A building block to hopefully lead to healthy eating and healthy kids.

Other building blocks look like this:

These are developmental milestones as they learn to stack, problem solve and deal with consequences (of stacking the blocks just a little too high).  These moments also serve as building blocks between our kids as they learn to work together and play together.  They cheer each other on as the blocks get stacked higher and higher and there is a collective "uh-oh" when the blocks come crashing to the ground.  No one gets upset if a tower is knocked over (accidentally or on purpose) and they seem to think it is funny, rather than frustrating.

I'm always glad when their interactions do not involve hitting, biting or stealing and tonight was one of those times and I was able to catch them all having a good time together.  Once I finished the picture-taking, I was able to join in the fun also.   I really enjoy seeing my little "play group" enjoy each other.   It is one of those things that Troy and I have imagined since learning that we were expecting triplets.  We were excited that our kids would have each other.  It was precious.

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