Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friendly Fairy Visits

We had a number of "fairies" visit today.  Auntie Chris and Miss Rachel came to play after naptime and helped out with dinner.   They were warmly welcomed by Clark as they went in to get him from his room and he greeted them with smiles and giggles and a few fake coughs (his inside joke with Auntie Chris).  Kendall was excited to show them her pretty room and even Emma warmed up this time (whew!).  I am excited to see pictures that the budding photographer, Rachel, took of the kids. : )
Later, Auntie Deb and Auntie Lynn arrived to help out so that Mommy could get to Bunco this week (have I told you lately that I LOVE Bunco?!?!?).  The playtime fairies (Deb and Lynn) wore them out in the back yard on the swings/slide and then bribed them indoors with the promise of a big bowl of Breyer's ice cream.  Then the bath time fairy (Deb) got them squeaky clean and ready for bed while the kitchen fairy finished up the dishes and then SORTED OUT THE TUPPERWARE/GLAD WARE drawers! 
Extra woo hoo for the kitchen fairy on that one!  I cleaned out a shelf in the pantry and cooked a meat loaf this afternoon but still had visions of getting those stupid drawers cleaned out and organized.  Big "holla" to Lynn for tackling that particular project.  :)
Daddy was home in time to get them all to bed before I got home and finished up with the Tupperware stuff and watched a funny episode of The Marriage Ref.  If you haven't seen it, you should take one evening to check it out.  It was a pretty funny way to wrap up the evening and get in a giggle before settling down for the night.
Thanks to all of the "fairies" who help out and who love our kids.  We are still so thankful for the wonderful people in our lives.  We are very blessed to call so many "friends."

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