Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Another Bump in the Remediation Road

The process of the water damage repair and the mold remediation is just about complete.  Unfortunately, the workers came knocking on the door informing me that they needed to apply the chemical (that would ultimately complete the removal of the mold) before they left.  We would need to leave the house for a couple of hours (mind you, I was given no prior warning of this situation) because the vapors in the house could be irritating (especially to young lungs).  I had been at work and just arrived home to begin cooking dinner when I was interrupted by their news.  The kids were still napping.  I would have to scrap dinner plans, wake the kids up and get us out of the house as quickly as possible so that the men could finish their job. 

Once again, I have to thank Nanny Barb for allowing us to "crash" at her place for a couple of hours.  The kids were excited about our impromptu adventure (and thrilled when I grabbed them some french fries on our way).  They were able to see Josh before he left for class and had some fun eating dinner with Mr. Jerry before he left as well.  We were very lucky to again have beautiful weather which allowed us to spend most of the time outdoors. 

As it got a little cooler and darker outside, we went in for a quick game of Elefun (the elephant blows butterflies up and out of his trunk for the kids to try to "catch" with their nets), some puzzle-time and also fun with her car/train track.  Once Daddy could get away from work, he went to the house to be sure things were OK before we came home and quickly had baths and then spent quiet time singing, reading books and getting ready for bed.

It was a crazy evening but we will be so relieved when the cleanup under the house is complete!  We are also waiting on contractors to bid on the work to bring back our master bathroom.  We aren't able to plan a "master suite" or anything elaborate, but it will certainly be nice to have our own sink, toilet and shower again in the next couple of weeks (?months?).  And we are STILL looking for someone to repair the gigantic hole in the kitchen ceiling.  It's been a challenge to find anyone interested who will show up and not charge the price of a small used car to repair the gaping hole.

That's the play-by-play for the day.  Once again, nothing funny or earth-shattering, but another adventure that I might want to remember years from now.

Happy Wednesday!

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