Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Fun!

Kendall insisted on continuing to wear the hood on her jacket.  And then she wanted to crawl through the sand.  Good times for her (messy laundry for Mommy)!

This is the second swipe by Auntie Karen in an effort to get the sand out of Clark's hair.  Wow!

How messy is that face????  But she is SO happy!

I took the kiddos to check out another "new" park area and they had a blast.  Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom met us there and the kids really loved spending so much time outdoors.  The weather was perfect and the leaves on the trees are just beginning to change colors.  I tried to give an impromptu "Fall" lesson on the way there, but I don't think they were that interested. 
They loved watching the fish jump in the lake and birds flying overhead.  Of course, the volleyball area with it's large volume of sand was the best!  I really cringe when they get into it, but once I see how much fun they are having I just have to let it go and be happy that they are happy (and remember to dump the sand out of their pockets BEFORE I throw things in the wash!).

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