Tuesday, October 12, 2010

London Bridge is Ringing Around the Rosey

I was trying to post the pictures above last night when I hit the Blogger bump.  I added more "storage" space per the instructions but still wonder what has happened since I've been doing this for three years and have never had a space issue.  Hmmmmm.....
Anyway, the kids have this new fun activity after bathtime.  They love to run around in circles (preferably around Mommy or Daddy) and sing "London bridge is falling down" over and over.  We sort of thought that "Ring around the Rosey" was more appropriate, but they seem to like "London Bridge".  When I say that they run around in circles, I don't know if I can express how much they really LOVE to do this.  Emma probably runs around about 100 times.  Kendall and Clark are a little more apt to take a breather and rest, but Emma barely shuts it down until we explain that it is time to settle down for bed.  It's pretty funny to witness and I feel like they are going down for bed pretty well the past few nights as a result of the running practice.   I'm thinking I need to get that girl on a track and see how far she can really go!

Miss Lisa was nice enough to meet us at the park today at lunchtime.  We had a fast food lunch and then spent some time on the playground.  Obviously they also enjoyed a little swinging with Miss Lisa for a break. 
I'm getting the post in a little early so that I can get some stuff done around the house this evening and maybe even fit in some time to read a book.  I am hoping to relax with the kids until they go to bed and just have some playtime.  I tend to get caught up in all of the "to do lists" and then realize that they are sleeping and I barely had any time with them at all.
Have a great Tuesday!

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