Friday, October 8, 2010

The Blahs

My kids are a mess.  Wait a minute.  I'm a mess too.  We are struggling with what we think is related to allergy issues, but is basically a whole lot of snot (sorry) and coughing.  Ugh!  It's sad because they are acting exceptionally cute, but their "look" is just sort of a mess.  And after dinner they were having NONE of the wiping of the face to get sticky food off!  Sore noses and cleaning faces are not compatible (and I totally relate to that since I'm stuffy too).  There's a whole bunch of "the blahs" in the house mixed in with some pretty funny bursts of energy.
I considered posting a "Flashback Friday", but we had some fun in the backyard and I thought I'd share some of those pictures.  Kendall got a hold of the wheelbarrow and decided that she was going to be helpful and start collecting sticks.  Soon Clark and Emma joined in the "good deed" but by then Kendall decided to get rid of the "hay" (it's the grass clippings piled in the corner of the yard) and put that in there too.  It got a little messy, but they were having fun.

Here's to hoping for less stuffy noses tomorrow.  :)

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