Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Our Village....

Once again, I must refer to a friend's niece who once said "In my village, we don't wear clothes."  I mention this because I, the least-naked-person I know, was again subjected to the random nakedness of all three kiddos.  I was unloading the van and trying to get my things in order while they were presumably busy with the GeoTrax train set.  I had actually bothered to get in with them and set up the tracks prior to tending to my "chores".  They were excited to play with something they had not seen in a while and I was hoping it would buy me some time. 
Soon Kendall was crying and it was the "I'm in pain" cry, so I ran toward the playroom.  The couch cushions were on the floor.  One chair (a kiddie chair) was in the window and one was on the floor with Kendall nearby indicating that she was injured and it involved a falling chair.  I was worried about her, but was also shocked to find a naked Clark and Emma in the front window.  Kendall was (for now) still wearing her clothes, but had probably just been scared and not actually injured.  I believe she fell out of the window in the chair and the couch and cushions probably broke the fall. 
Once it was determined that she was OK, I had to move on to baths since I now had two naked kids (and didn't see a need to waste perfectly good diapers).  By the time the tub was ready, I had actually had THREE naked children as Kendall decided to join in the fun.  I grabbed the camera for a few quick shots.  And then I headed upstairs to bathe my happily naked kids. 
Poo Pa arrived not long after they were clean and appropriately dressed. : ) And this time, I managed to remember to grab the camera when they demonstrated their "Ring Around the Rosie" dance for him.  And the photo of a pile of three kids was where "they all fall down" and resulted in lots of giggles.

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