Saturday, October 23, 2010

More titles? Seriously, I just can't come up with one tonight....

We took a quick trip to the park today and were thrilled that Mr. Mike and Miss Lisa could meet us for a little playtime.  Miss Lisa was really well received as Clark and Emma went running in her direction.  It was super cute, of course.  And Mr. Mike has a big buddy in Clark.  When I told Clark that Mike had arrived, he lit up.  And we were all happy that Emma warmed-up to Mr. Mike and chose to swing with him.  Another precious moment.  She has a way of sort of taking her time to come around to him everytime he approaches, but we know she loves him in her own way. :)
Once again, we have a big adventure planned for the family tomorrow and I'm excited about the opportunity to take pictures.  Hopefully I will get lots of good shots and also have many fun family memories to share.

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