Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

Emma's best buddy, Andy the Armadillo (from Texas Roadhouse).

If you look closely, you will see Clark checking to see what this Andy critter was all about.


The girls had so much fun dancing to the music (they had a live band).

I don't know if the dog is their official "mascot", but we saw him a number of times.  And how sweet is the guy driving the tractor?

We saw LOTS of cows during the hayride (and trip out to the pumpkin patch).

The only remotely "decent" family shot as the kids decided they weren't interested in being photographed.

Emma found another version of her buddy, Andy the Armadillo, and she had to hug it.

We had a great time with Uncle Stevie, Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom at the pumpkin patch today.  Our multiples club had a family event out there and offered us BBQ for lunch/dinner and a hayride.  The kids loved it and did really well despite the fact that they missed their naps.  There were a number of other families with twins, triplets and more.  We had some time to visit with them, but mostly we just spent time enjoying the activities that they offered.  There was a live band and the girls had a blast dancing.  Clark joined in briefly.  Ironically the video (that I can't upload yet) includes the girls dancing to "Sweet Home Alabama".  If you know anything about where we live, you know that this song stung just a little since our UT Volunteers just lost to them last night.  But since the song drew such enthusiasm from the girls, we just had to laugh.
We took a hayride through the farm and stopped off in the pumpkin patch so that the kids could look for their very own pumpkin.  There was a kid-sized train ride that was great for our kids though it didn't last long enough at all!
Dirt and hay provided quite a bit of entertainment for the little pumpkins too.  Clark loved to pick up the soil around the pumpkins and throw it in the air.  Emma just wanted to crawl in the dirt but she also thought that throwing hay was funny (followed with a big squeal).  Kendall was probably the cleanest when we came home.  We wondered if we would have to hose them off outside before hitting the tub, but I think they came clean during their bubble bath.

Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!  I'm ready to go enjoy those cool, clean sheets and try to get to sleep a little early.

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