Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trying Out a New Park

We took the kids to a "new" park today.  Actually, they have been there before, but only when they were small and not running around independently.  Troy and I would go there to eat a picnic lunch and have the kids parked on top of the tables (in their infant "buckets"/carriers). 
Today we tried out the walking trail, climbing on big rocks and were also quite entertained by some of the statues.  When we first arrived, they headed for a set of three statues of a turtle, a bear and a beaver.  They think that these are all climbing toys and there were no signs indicating otherwise, so we let them have at it.  Just before we left, they were taking turns "riding the bicycle" as one statue is a young child riding on a bike with training wheels.  Kendall even tried to share her juice box with the statue.  Awwwww.....
Aside from that, there are no swings, slides or sandboxes.  Just a lazy little creek, a bridge, some trails and lots of grass.  It's really beautiful, actually, and I think that they had a good time exploring and enjoying the outdoors.  Sometimes we can get too focused on the playground toys and miss the crunchy leaves, acorns and chipmunks. 
The kids are sort of in rare form today.  I think it has lots to do with the never-ending running of the noses that they are still suffering with again.  And it also probably has a little to do with just testing Mommy and Daddy.  This whole discipline thing with three toddlers is really a challenge.  We need to be consistent but it's hard to know how to handle some issues at times.  And when they all start pushing buttons with each other (and the parents) it can become a little frustrating trying to explain right and wrong and then determining consequences.
Kids are up from naps so I'm going to head back downstairs and start working on dinner.  I wish I could provide a more entertaining blog post but I feel like I'm just blocked these days and can't be very creative.  I'm just documenting how we are spending the days for right now.
Happy Clean Sheet Sunday!

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