Monday, October 4, 2010


I found a toddler scooter this past weekend and the kids saw it for the first time today. They WILL have to wear a helmet normally, but I couldn't put my hands on the helmets and the munchkins were already about to kill each other to get on the thing. It's going to take a little practice to get the hang of it and I predict that it might be necessary to buy two more, but for now we will work on "taking turns."

It's a big day for us tomorrow as the plumbers will be changing out the water pipes throughout the house. We've been told that it will take ten hours and that we will be without water for the entire time period. I've decided to take the kids out for the morning and then we will see how things go. The plan is to hang out at Nanny Barb's house (just for a place to go that has water) and maybe try naps there but it just depends on how the plumbing job is going at that point. All in all, it should be an interesting day.

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