Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Teddy and Uncle Albert!

Teddy turned 8 years old today.  That's 56 in dog years (assuming it is still 7 people years for each dog year - I don't get out much so I'm not sure if that has changed).  He's about to retire into a life of leisure where he can hang out on the recliner all day and watch TV and lounge around in the back yard when he needs a little vitamin D.  Oh, I guess that's what he is already doing, so it shouldn't be a shock to his system.  We had a little singing of "Happy Birthday" during breakfast this morning, which was super-cute! 
In order to keep the peace, we took the kids to the park just before lunch today.  It was another beautiful almost cloudless sky.  Mr. Mike met us there and helped keep the kids swinging since that was their primary interest for most of the visit.  Well the swings and the food.  They got really interested in pretzels and later the Peppercorn Ranch Sunchips. 

After naptime, Daddy had them in the backyard (while I checked out the Duck Duck Goose Consignment Sale (  They have located the rubber boots and wanted to try them out in the yard.  There are two pairs that fit great, but one pair is HUGE and Clark got stuck trying to work his way up and down stairs, through the grass and swinging in those huge lizard boots.  Kendall and Emma shifted their interest in the pink boots with butterflies and the red and blue firetruck boots.  It was pretty cute and Daddy took a few pics to show off their prized accessories.

Time to click "publish" so that I can get this in before Sunday.

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