Thursday, February 10, 2011

Doing Just Fine

I just wanted to drop in to say that today has gone fine and I should probably be knocking on wood or something because I don't want this jinxed.  I'm working right now away from home (can't you tell?), but just wanted to check in and give everyone the stats on the girls from their physical this morning:

Kendall is 38 and 1/4 inches tall and 30lbs.  Her blood work and blood pressure were great, so we are very pleased with the news.  She was a real trooper and set a wonderful "big sister" example when getting her height and weight checked.  She watched while the nurse did her finger prick (obviously someone else's child since I NEVER look) and only fussed when we tried to bandage her up.  The doctor checked her belly, ears, mouth, etc and she was cooperative and obviously interested in what was going on, so I'm thinking that a career in medicine is not out of the question despite the fact that I'm her mom.  Now she was less than happy about the vaccine shot in her thigh, but she quickly cheered up when she got a lollipop and a promise of ice cream.

Emma is 36 and 1/4 inches tall and 26.8lbs.  Again, the blood work and blood pressure results were just fine.  She was not as pleased with the whole experience.  She had a fit as soon as we were called back and we tried to let her see what her big sissy was doing and know that it was OK.  Then we did the finger prick.  She was a mess, but was happy as I administered Smarties (between she and K, we went through an entire roll and I should have had more). When the doctor came in, she was much more pleasant and enjoyed being a part of the questions during the exam. When she had the vaccine shot in her leg I did get the look that I expected (you know the one, it says "What in the he** do you think you are doing by letting them stab me in the leg like that you big, mean mommy!?!?").  But she was happy with the lollipop.

Both girls were even more excited about the trip to Wendy's for a Frosty (of course, K wants vanilla and E wants chocolate).  Not long after sitting down to eat the Frosty, K quietly asked if she could have a hamburger "please".  And then E piped in asking for french fries and chicken "please".  It was cute and we accomodated their requests. 

I also pulled out the iPod to play some of their favorite music in between the visits by the doctor and the nurses, etc.  The girls got a kick out of the musical break and it sort of helped pass the time away.  "Zipadee do da" is always a good pick-me-up. 

All in all it was a good day at the doctor.  I think I've decided that taking the girls together is a better plan than dragging all three into a crowded exam room with adults also.  Clark will go in on Monday and I'm hoping that it helps to keep him calm, but will be sure to have plenty of Smarties, lollipops and promises of Frosties as well.

Thanks for your good thoughts and prayers sent our way because they worked! 

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