Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Recap

Emma reading to Mr. Jerry.

Kendall offering up some of her frozen banana to Mr. Jerry (he declined). 

Emma reading to Nanny Barb (she looks impressed, right?).

Clark getting some time in with one of his favorite cars.

Kendall checking out some football action with Mr. Jerry.

Just when I got out the Sit-n-Spin to sell at a consignment sale.....

The kids and the parents had a good visit with our Super Bowl visitors, Uncle Stevie, Nanny Barb and Mr. Jerry.  We ate a little junk food, watched some football, cringed at the halftime show and laughed with the kids.  I believe that the kiddos each had some storytime with Mr. Jerry and were not distracted by the TV or people in the room just because he is good at giving them the one-on-one attention.  I think Nanny Barb is still always shocked by Emma's reading and just likes to pull out new books to test her out.  And again, the welcome reception that Uncle Stevie received when he came in the room was really fantastic. 
All in all it was a fun evening.  We missed out on a party opportunity at Alicia's parent's house because we were thinking that we would just stay at home and try to get the kids down early.  Maybe we will drag them out for the next "paaarrrrtteeeee" (they goof off and dance with Alicia saying that one).
That's all for our Super Bowl recap.  Signing off now.... 

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