Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kind of Back to Normal

Today was a little more like what we are used to. It's a welcome relief because we are tired of our kids being sick. We spent some time outside today in the warm sunny weather getting some fresh air to help get rid of the sickies. I am happy to get past this weekend and will put it in the books as one of the toughest ever. The kids energy is returning but still don't have the all their amazing endurance back yet as they tire fairly quickly. Honestly, it makes it a little easier to manage them as they are too tired to argue most of the time. The kids appetite has come back a little as well and we had spaghetti for dinner. For some reason, no matter how good you wipe their faces, the red tint of pasta sauce is there until we wash it off in the bath tub. I raise my glass to warm weather and healthy children. Cheers! Happy Clean Sheet Sunday! - Daddy

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