Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kookin with Kendall (2nd post for Thur, 2/10 and some pics for the prior post today)

Here are a few pics to go with my post earlier, though I don't have the whole group.  I took some while it was just Kendall and I (C and E were still napping).  I decided to pull out the Trader Joe's giant gingerbread man to be decorated.  Yes.  Gingerbread man.  Not cupid.  Wrong holiday, I know.  But Aunt Marsha gave the kids these kits to decorate and I never managed to get them out in time for Christmas.  Kendall had a blast decorating (read "eating") and being a part of the "cooking" process (it was already baked, but she thought she was cooking it). 

When I got out my camera, this is the cheesy look she gave me and I had to share it.

Some for gingerbread man.....

And some for Kendall.....

More for Kendall.....

Since C & E were still in their beds enjoying quiet time (I could hear reading and singing, but no crying), I decided to recruit Kendall for one more project.  Dinner.

I found these pizza kits at Big Lots and took a chance that they might be OK.  There weren't a ton of crazy, unacceptable ingredients, so I wanted to try them out on the kids.  There are three crusts (thin or some sort of original) per pack with sauce included.  Kendall and I just did plain cheese tonight and it was a hit with Emma.  I don't know that Clark was really that impressed, but rumor has it that he ate A LOT at lunch (and his afterschool snack) today.  And Kendall didn't eat all of her pizza, but she had obviously been snacking on M&M-type candies and little sprinkles.
(NOTE: The Trader Joe's cookie kits include candies that do not use artificial colors.  I just thought I'd share that info in case anyone wondered why I was watching Kendall consume all of the crazy candy when I am normally a freak about that sort of thing.)

OK, so that's it for today.  I've posted twice, which means that I get a "free pass" some other night when I just can't get something on here.  Woo hoo!  I'm ahead of the game.

BTW, Happy Birthday Nana.  Miss you.

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