Friday, February 18, 2011

Three Times the Fun...Oh Yea!

Last night was just one of those parenting experiences that you hear about and hope and pray it never happens to you.

I think I mentioned that Clark was a little under the weather Tue night and Wed, but he seemed much better on Thursday.  Things were going along fine and I was blissfully ignoring the warning signs (Emma was quiet, sort of warm and her skin looked an odd shade of white/gray/green).  Clark was almost down.  Kendall was headed to her room to wait for Daddy to handle story time. And I was preparing to read to Emma because she seemed ready to go before Kendall.  I asked Kendall if she could wait in her room and Daddy would be there shortly.  As I went back to Emma, she whimpered and fussed just before the throwing up began.  Not good.

I will skip all of the details in between except that I was getting geared up to stay on the floor in her room for the night.  I had my bags, my iPod, a bucket and the will to get through this for her sake.  She started getting sick around 9:15 or so.  By 11pm'ish, Kendall was screaming and Troy found that she too was sick.  Now we had two girls, an air mattress, a crib mattress and two buckets.  Daddy and I were joining forces to win this battle and get through the night.  Fortunately, his group at work had already scheduled a PTO day for Friday, so he didn't have to work, which was a VERY good thing.  Because by 1am (or so as I lost track of time once Kendall was in the mix), Clark joined in on the sickie-slumber party.  We pulled up another crib mattress on the floor and it was officially a party. 

A puke party.  There were moments where you couldn't tell that Clark and Kendall were even sick because they were so excited to have a group gathering.  And Kendall kept coming up with cute things like "OK, here's a great idea....."  Seriously, she really said that and Troy and I giggled despite the circumstances, she was making us laugh.

Again, skipping the details.  Right now, they are all down and sleeping quietly (knocking on wood here please).  Clark had a particularly rough day, but it appears that the Zofran called in my his pedi is helping.  We are hopeful that they are on the mend and will be back to eating real food tomorrow (the bananas, applesauce, rice and toast thing are definitely so Friday that I doubt we can make them part of Saturday).  Please keep them in your prayers because little sickies are just so pitiful when it's toddlers.  We are thankful for the snuggles that we had with them today as this sort of thing makes you just hang up your to do list and sit on your behind and do what you can to keep them comfortable.

I snapped a couple of shots of the girls this evening, but I'm guessing it's obvious that we didn't really do much picture-taking today.

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