Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

I didn't manage to get a bunch of cute pictures with hearts, cute crafts and cookies today.  It was sort of a crazy day, but I was lucky to get some valentine lovin' from my little sweeties.

First of all, Clark had his 3-year check-up.  He did great....well, after the initial meltdown when we went back to the room, she checked his height and weight, got settled in and did the blood draw.  Yup.  It was a meltdown of epic proportions during all of the initial stuff.  But then he was OK.  And we listened to music on the iPod (I can't say it enough, "Zippadee doo dah" is a real winner!).  I also recently downloaded a couple of freebie apps for the iPod that are flashcards and toddler stuff.  Two apps relate to first words (I have no idea what a rambutan is, though it's in the "fruit" section of the app for young children) and one is an ABC Phonics app where they learn about letters and the sounds they make (select the letter that is spoken and a balloon with that letter will magically float up and "pop" right there).  This actually served to keep him pretty content.  We also checked out all of the penguins on the wall and he ate two whole rolls of Smarties.

When the doctor came in to do her quick exam and talk with me, he was a little hesitant at first but then warmed up to her.  He wanted to wear the stethoscope and was responding to her questions as well (I won't say answering, but definitely responding).  We had one last visit by another nurse bearing the vaccine for the day and he barely whimpered when it was administered.  He got a lollipop and we were on our way.  After a detour to see Auntie Chris at work (and we lucked out by seeing Auntie Lynn, though we missed Auntie Deb), we headed back home to play outside with Ems and Kendall.

Clark's stats:
Height 38 inches
Weight 30lbs
And his bloodwork was also great. 

Whew!  All done with that until  next year (because they won't be getting sick at all this year). ;)

Here are the lame pictures of the day:

I had a coupon for a free pizza.  We do not have pizza access any longer since Troy started a new job this year, so a coupon for a freebie was awesome in my book.  I faked Valentine's Day festive partyware by drawing hearts on the white paper plates before serving them pizza, cantaloupe and later an ice cream sundae (with sprinkles and candies from Trader Joe's).  They ate a medium pizza without any help from me at all (though Teddy did get some crust).  Troy informed me that this is 8 slices of pizza.  My little ones are growing up fast!

I had grandiose plans to do some cookie decorating tonight (I even made homemade sugar cookie dough while they dined on pizza).  Instead, we had a surprise Valentine's Day visit from Poo Pa and Uncle Stevie (way better than cookies), so we will get to that later.  They were pretty happy to see such special people (and I was glad to have a chance to pack lunches earlier in the evening rather than after they went down for bed).  Thanks for hanging out with us Poo Pa and Uncle Stevie.

All in all it was a crazy, but slightly uneventful day (if that makes any sense).  Later, we got a few group hugs in this evening before they went down for bed.  Group hugs rule!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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