Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Celebration with Family on Monday, July 5th And New Toddler Games

Our Nashville family remained in town until Monday after dinner, so I thought I'd post pictures from our fun in the back yard that afternoon.  Once again, the kids were so thrilled to have their cousins here to play with them!

Tonight, Clark and Kendall came up with a new game where Kendall would sit at the bottom of the slide until Clark came down and they both tumbled off into the pile of stuffed animals and pillows at the end. 
Looks like fun, huh?  : )  Later on, the three of them came up with another brilliant idea.  We have these little step stools all over the place.  Originally, I purchased them so that they could reach the sinks to wash their hands and brush their teeth, but they also provide a great little table for books while sitting on the potty (for them, not me).  One of these stools was in the play room this evening and they started stepping up on it and jumping off.  This was great fun (to them anyway)!  They lined up and took turns jumping or stepping off with varying degrees of enthusiasm.  They also tried to teach a baby doll, teddy bear and a rubber duck to jump off of the step stool.  Most jumps ended with a round of applause and encouraging words by their siblings. "Yeah!"  "Great job!" It was awfully cute and they burned up some of that energy that seems to come from a bottomless fountain when you are two-and-a-half! 

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Karen said...

It's funny you mention them saying "great job" for each other. Recently I noticed when I sing songs with them certain songs end with "good job!!!" and others end with "yea!!!." Same ending each time like it's part of the song. They are funny. :) Give them big hugs for me!