Monday, July 19, 2010

Stay-cation: Day 1

Today was day 1 of our stay-cation.  So far, we have found two bikes for the parents and two bike trailers for the kids (each one holds two children, so we have room for more.....stuff).  I am in a cleaning-out frenzy and trying to get our room to some sort of livable status where we aren't navigating through piles of papers to be filed, pictures to sort and junk to be put away.  I cleaned out our "office supplies" (since our office is in our bedroom now) and have a huge pile of pens to send to work with Troy when he goes back.  I also have more small note pads than I could ever possibly use in one lifetime, so I'm sending a pile of them downstairs to the kids art supplies cabinet.  And highlighters?  Let's just say that I think our three children will have plenty to get them through their college years.
What else is happening this week?  I'm hoping to do some updates and changes to the blog, just for kicks.  We'll see if I actually do any of that because I'm also thinking of entering a local photography contest.  I'd like to use some of my "free" time this week to go through the thousands I have from this year and see if any are worthy of submission to the contest (because the online forms are due by mid-August).  It would be fun just to try it out.  Oh, and I'm hoping to finish a book this week.  Not writing one; just reading one.  I started a book the other day and was getting so tense that I skipped to the last two chapters last night.  I just couldn't get any sleep stressing out over the whole thing and completely cheated!  What can I say, I should just stick to sappy romantic comedies, mommy and parenting advice or something similar.
And our "stay-cation" wouldn't be complete without plans to do something fun and exciting with the kids, though I'll wait to share it until later this week.  That little secret is in addition to the bike-riding that we hope to do this week as well.  I know I'm not in very good shape, so I question my ability to ride anywhere, much less tow a child or two behind me.  I might need a good month of training!
As far as tonight's pictures go, the kids have discovered a new trick where they jump off of the arm of the couch into the pile of pillows and stuffed animals.  We are trying to tell them that jumping like this is a no-no.  They are welcome to slide off the couch into the fluffy pile, but the jumping thing is stressing me as much as that stupid book!  I got a couple of pictures as Daddy was giving them the "no jumping" lecture.
Oh, and we also saw a double rainbow here this evening!  It was pretty cool and we tried really hard to get the kids to see if from the window.  I ran outside to take a few pictures, but had some trouble since the second rainbow was pretty hard to spot.  If you look VERY closely, you might see it in the upper right-hand corner.
 Insert the song "Rainbow Connection" from the Muppet Movie here please. : )
"Someday we'll find it.  The rainbow connection.  The lovers.  The dreamers and me."  Aaaahhhhh.  Sweet dreams!


Beth said...

I can see both rainbows! Enter that picture its great. Love the post and the pictures of the kids. Enjoy your time together this week.

Anna said...

I entered the TVA fair several years in a row, and generally always placed in one category. It's a friendly competition to get started in without an overwhelming amount of entries. :)

The rainbows were gorgeous yesterday! We had a full one over the house, and I've seen pics from you and Kerri. All of K-town was covered!