Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a difference approximately 17,300 hours later (roughly 24 months)!

These pictures were taken just about 24 months ago.  We were well into our sleep-deprivation marathon that would last most of the first year of their lives.  I didn't have any new pictures today and went searching for some shots that were taken sometime in July/August 2008.  I can barely remember these moments and find myself feeling grateful that we managed to get any of them.  I also wonder just what was going on in the background at the time?  Were we trying to catch some shut-eye while they rolled around on the floor?  Or was I in the kitchen elbow-deep in bottles and formula?
I am reminded of the toys (the blue squeaky octopus that Daddy learned to play songs on, the soft cube with little animal attachments that made noise and those prized pacifier-clips!) and the equipment (the soft blanket on the floor, the pack-n-play in the background which was used as a containment system for all three with the balloons tied to their ankles and the infant car seats with "Please wash your hands before touching mine" signs hanging from them). And the pictures remind me of onesies and little-outfits that snap (and make me thankful for the time when the kids could not get them UNsnapped to access their diapers so we didn't have to keep rolls of duct tape in the changing area).
So many things have come and gone from our lives since that time.  They have outgrown toys and clothes.  They have learned to crawl, walk and run.  We no longer have to change diapers 6-8-10 times per day for EACH child, but we DO have to use duct tape to keep them IN the diapers.  We have lost our dog, Timber, and our Nana.  The kids are now outdoors and out in public often when they were barely out of the house two years ago.  In fact, the picture of them in their car seats was one of a few very rare public appearances that occurred before flu and RSV season would kick in during the winter months. 
The one constant?  These children have rocked our world!  It will never be the same.  It is more complicated, more challenging and more noisy.  But it is full of more hugs, kisses, snuggles and sweetness than even I could have imagined. 

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