Thursday, July 29, 2010

Goldfish fix everything....

 The kids were having a rough time right about the time that reinforcements (AKA Auntie Karen and Auntie Deb) arrived.  We had tried dinner but no one wanted to eat ANYTHING.  Then they all wanted to meltdown ON Mommy while in the play room.  I had climbed in there thinking we would play with puppets or do jumping jacks and they were all having a fit and just hung all over me crying.  Shortly after that, I realized that Kendall was running a very low-grade fever, so I gave her a little Tylenol.  When Auntie Karen arrived with a container of Goldfish crackers the mood improved dramatically.  Who knew that little fishie crackers would make the world a happier place?  But it was definitely a good thing!
Tomorrow I will have to share a story about their discipline practices towards the dolls.  It's scary and funny at the same time!

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