Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Rest of the Story

 I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from the rest of our fun-filled Fourth with the Family.  The first set are a few of Kendall hanging out with her Nashville cousins, David and Marshall.  They were here Sunday and Monday and spent LOTS of time playing with (insert "wearing out") the kids.  She was so fascinated and intrigued by them and really stuck to them any time they were nearby.
 The managed to get everyone crammed into the play house at one time.  It was sort of like that car in the circus where all of the clowns keep climbing out and you have no idea how they could all fit inside.  It's not a challenge for the little kids, but their cousins are so tall these days that I just don't know how they could get in there.  Did I mention what a great job they did entertaining the kids?  They were awesome!

Emma on her own and with her cousins.  I have to say that I'm not quite sure about the one in the grass with David.  I can't decide if it's Emma or Kendall.  She loved the visit, but was a little more hesitant to warm up to new people around her.  She did love having the boys play in the play room and on the slide/swing though.

   Unfortunately, I didn't get as many of Clark because he was running so fast and I had the shutter set way too slow for a good portion of the afternoon (novice!).  He LOVED LOVED LOVED having BOYS around to be boy-ish.  They also brought their Brio train set and he woke up Monday morning saying "Train! Train!" so it is a big hit with Clark, especially!

More shots of the big kids goofing off on The Matterhorn.  I'm sure it was a little boring for them to be surrounded by toddler-toys, but I know that the little kids loved all of the playtime with their cousins.  We hope that they will be back in Knoxville again very soon! 
Love and hugs to Aunt Marsha, Uncle Bill, David and Marshall!  Thanks for our super-cool Brio train set and Matchbox cars. 

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