Friday, July 30, 2010

Lounging with the Louis Family

We officially have one sick kid in the house.  One of our sitters "called in sick" Thursday and I'm thinking Kendall is having what she was having.  We'll just leave it at "stomach bug" and hope it's a quick 24-hour thing that no one else runs into (no pun intended).
Since she is sick, I didn't want to risk exposing any other caregivers to her, so it was me and the kiddos for the day.  Our day went relatively smoothly and I got a lot done in hopes that I can spend some quality time with them this weekend.  They did remarkably well though I did sort of use "new" toys (new to them) as my saving grace for the day.  I found a small table-top puppet theater and tried to teach them how to "perform" a puppet show.  I also picked up a play kitchen that had been stored at Poo Pa's house and got it cleaned up while they napped.  It was like Christmas morning when they came down to the play room!  Oh and I also keep a stash of toys for "later" and brought our the Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head and a Barrel of Monkeys game. 
This evening Poo Pa and Uncle Stevie came over during baths which was fortunate since Kendall had another "episode" while they were here.  Good times.  Uncle Stevie set out some books on their kiddie table and before bedtime they all settled down to read.  It was pretty cute, so I'm going to bore you with a number of pictures from that particular point in the evening.  Not only did I find something special about that time, but it's also the only time I remembered (all day) to pull out the camera, so my window of opportunity was quickly closing.
I'm really hoping that Kendall is all better tomorrow and that the other two (and Mommy and Daddy) don't have the same problems any time soon.  It's no fun being sick, but Kendall has been a trooper.
It's late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, so I'll have to wait to share the stories of kiddie-discipline until another day.

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