Tuesday, February 9, 2010


We finally "cracked open" their special Sesame Street cake for dessert tonight and it's official, Kendall loves cake! I think that Clark and Emma liked it too, but, as you can see in the picture, she was happy to lick the plate clean. Woo hoo.

Surprisingly, she let me take other pics prior to dinner. She tends to be camera-shy and even fusses when I bring out the camera sometimes, so I never know what will happen. Tonight we got a few shots of her with a ladybug she discovered on the playroom floor (which was alive until Clark showed up). She is so inquisitive and got up close to see it, so I had some fun trying to get pictures (and show off the floor that needs to be swept!). K is also very focused when it comes to blocks. She is great at stacking them and I took a few pictures of her engrossed in her tower.

Emma, on the other hand, was a fussy one during my camera-time, so I had trouble getting one of her that was blog-worthy. She did cheer up at dinner and enjoyed her cake, though, from the looks of her, I think she enjoyed her ketchup at dinner even more!

Clark had fun in Daddy's "swing". He was also very interested in the ladybug, which turned to tragedy when he got a little TOO interested. Oops. He is always a giggler when we try to feed him anything and Daddy had fun trying to get him to eat cake. He was a little unsure about it at first, but I think that he liked the icing the best.

Mommy is pooped, so that's all for tonight. :)

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