Thursday, February 11, 2010

Old Camera - One Picture

Mommy and Daddy are both under the weather and pictures were forgotten until we were trying to get Clark to bed. All we had was the "old camera" and a few shots that really didn't look good at all. It also doesn't look like he is even CLOSE to being ready for bed.
As mentioned in prior posts, he has been sort of a terror about bedtime lately. Tonight we tried something new (a homeopathic remedy) per a suggestion from Nanny Barb. He was still fighting bedtime and we tried a little one-on-one with him. A few books and songs later, it was time to get to bed on his own. He didn't go down without a fight, but Mommy spent some extra snuggle time just before tucking him in and convincing him that we would see him in the morning. Seems like something worked, so we are happy. Hopefully he will have sweet dreams all night and wake up in the old-Clark mode with smiles and "heeeyyy" and a "hiiiii".
Nightie-night. The cold meds are kicking in.....

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