Monday, February 8, 2010


Quick update:
Kendall was pretending(?) that the plane was a camera and put it up to her face like Mommy does when taking pictures. She kept telling us "Cheese!" when she would do that and I finally caught on that she was trying to take our picture.

Emma was fascinated by the new Sesame Street toys that Mrs. W and granddaughter, A, brought by this afternoon for their BD. They all seemed to like that the little pieces get shut into the toy (two Elmos and a Cookie Monster) and they were learning how to get it open again.

Clark was in a mood....mostly clingy, but slightly destructive and wanted to grab the new toys and throw them over the gate. Woo hoo. How much fun is that?!?! He loved doing it. He is counting like his sisters, though he doesn't quite have the exact words, but definitely similar sounds and the correct sequence. It's sort of hard to explain, but we are very excited by his progress, though we wonder if this might have something to do with his fussiness at bedtime. Pedi once told us how they have a hard time "turning it off" at the end of the day because they are learning SO much.

They all love to sing songs that are familiar and seem to be learning MANY new words each day. Clark is the most enthusiastic at the end of a song when he claps and says "Yeah!" Again, it tells me that he is learning the sequence of things and knows that it's the end of a song, so I see that as a sign that he is really moving right along. He is chattering a lot just like his sisters also.

Speaking of chattering, Kendall cracks me up with her "sayings". She says "Oh no!", "You OK?" (when either she or a sibling fall down), "C'm 'ere" (usually to Teddy to get him to come to the gate so she can pet him). It's funny how she seems to pick up on those sorts of "sayings".

Emma is more focused on specific words (plate, bee berry for strawberry or blueberry, Abby, Elmo, Ernie, Big Bird, Clark) and it appears that she wants to point to anything she might know. She has learned a bunch of new words in the last week and it shocks me to hear her singing along to the music. She is doing great in her "jammer jacket" (a sleep sack) and we aren't having any diaper diving incidents.

All in all, we are in good shape. I'm very hopeful that we've got the sickies behind us and can stay healthy for a while. I am still counting the days until Spring!

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