Friday, February 19, 2010

Mommy's playing with her camera....

Mommy is still trying to grasp the whole concept of the new camera. Since I have three moving targets to photograph, I often have the camera on some sort of automatic setting, but try to get some "manual" shots in as well (I did take an "oath" to use manual settings throughout the time I'm in the course, but it's just not possible to stick to that idea).
The weather here was BEAUTIFUL today and Nanny Barb was nice enough to get the kids outdoors for a while. They LOVED it and didn't want to come inside.
Clark had an outing to Lowe's and Perkins with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom. He had a great time, ate well and came home still ready for snuggles.
While he was out, Mommy and Uncle Stevie decided to let the girls play in the tub for longer than usual and I took a couple of pics. You might notice Emma's little toes in the boat picture. It's funny how our tub looks so clean and the water looks so clear in the pictures. :)
When Clark got home, I threw him in the tub and he got me soaked! I had the water running to warm it up for him and he managed to get the faucet switched to the shower. Even funnier was that I couldn't understand what was happening because he was kicking and splashing so much at the same time. I finally realized that the SHOWER was the reason my hair and top half were getting wet. Mommy can be a little slow sometimes. What can I say???? Long day!
Anyway, we have plans to get them outdoors again tomorrow and it looks like Uncle Stevie will join us, so we should have lots of pictures.

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Karen said...

Hey! What's up with the do doll abuse??? I'll have to talk to Mommy Ems about protecting her poor little baby. :) Very cute pics.