Saturday, February 27, 2010

M is for Matchbox Cars and P is for Papa John's

Today we took the kids out for an adventure. OK, really we were just running some errands and loaded them in the car to ride along. In order to provide an "adventure opportunity", we decided to treat them to Papa John's. OK, again, I will clarify and say that yes, they do eat Papa John's regularly (and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, of course), but this time, we took them to eat in one of the restaurants here in town. Eating out isn't completely unusual for them, but they are used to Cracker Barrel surroundings because that is our typical outing. This time, we thought we'd change things up a bit and visit a Papa John's location AND they got to sit in big-kid chairs instead of highchairs! It WAS a good time!
Anyway, they did fairly well considering they had a lot more freedom than they are used to and had to do just a little exploring while they were there (checking out the 2-liters, trying out the bench in front, looking at the cooler with all of those wonderful Coca-Colas staring back at them). Food was really the last thing on their mind, but it was a good experience.
Later we let them play with the newly created Matchbox collection that Daddy has started for Clark. Kroger has a great 10 for $10 deal on various cars, so he usually comes home with one any time he is at the grocery store. They got a little play time with the cars while we worked to clean up the kitchen. Everyone wins. :)

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