Thursday, February 4, 2010

Signing Times

Yes, I admit that I plop my kids in front of the TV. In my defense, I do try VERY hard for it to be something educational or something that encourages movement. Today we watched "Signing Times" (which is a great video series, by the way). They love the music and are learning lots of signs and the words as well. I can do the motions to sign a word and Emma can tell me what it is. Kendall can tell me quite a few as well and Clark is not only learning the words and signs, but also some new expressions (like "ummm-mmmm" when he is eating, which makes Mommy smile). I'm even learning the signs along with them and have fun doing it. I'm hoping that we can continue to learn more and it will encourage them to communicate with us. The video mentions how signing can help soften the "terrible twos" because the children can actually tell parents or caregivers what they want/need and they are less frustrated as a result.
So, here are pics of my kiddos completely engrossed in the "Signing Times" video. If I shot video, you would have seen them singing and signing along with the music. Very sweet, so I will have to work on that for another post.

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