Monday, February 1, 2010

New Stuff

I'm hoping to get more pics of some of the new stuff they got for their BD. In last night's pics, I hope you saw the TRIPLET STROLLER (for dolls) that Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom brought over. Clark is completely fascinated by all of the buckles, so he even has reason to enjoy it.
We gave them a GeoTrax set with 3 remote controlled airplanes (purchased from another triplet mom) and Clark got a GeoTrax train set (and tracks) from Karen and Tom also. They seem to love it, but we are going to have to find a place to set it all up (hopefully in Clark's room).
Uncle Stevie showed up tonight with their gift (hence the pics) and he and Daddy worked to get it set up as a surprise for them in the morning. It's a "Foam-Sweet-Home" (or something to that effect)....a big, cool playhouse with flower boxes, a chimney and a little patio/walkway. I can't wait until they see it tomorrow. Hopefully it will be exciting because we have a VERY sick babysitter who can't be here. Mommy is just hoping to keep them entertained after being stuck inside for days. Since they are still a little under the weather, we've been sheltering them somewhat and not going out too much with all of the snow and cold weather.
Sorry that I didn't get pics of them today, but will do better tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Way cool house. Can I come over to play? Uncle Stevie is the best.