Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Oops. Mommy worked today and forgot to get the camera out this evening for pictures. Even worse, she still has homework for her photography class to do, so she needs to get to it!
We are SO happy that Nanny Barb is back this week and the kids had a great time playing at her house this morning. They love the change of scenery and the freedom that they have to roam around her living room/kitchen. I sent her a text to see how things were going and this is what she said: "E's nose is running like a river, but talking up a storm! C loves hugs and building. K is just happy talking to the dog on the other side of the gate." It's funny to read that in the midst of my workday. :)
Here are some pics of Kendall last night looking for a book and getting annoyed because I was trying to get her to be cheesy for the camera.

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