Monday, February 15, 2010

Growing Up!

Our babies had their 2-year checkup today. We haven't been to the pedi since sometime early last summer, which also means no vaccines since then. Some of you may already know that we have chosen to delay their vaccines. This does not mean that they WON'T be vaccinated (by the time they enter kindergarten), but since they were born prematurely (by 6 wks), we are trying to let their bodies have a chance to develop and handle the gross stuff in the vaccines just a little at a time. I don't want to say that I hate vaccines, but I am certainly scared of them. The autism connection, while disputed, is just too scary for us to ignore. We don't want to be irresponsible in either decision, so we try to research the vaccines and our options and hope that our choices will work out for our family and not cause any harm to our children. MANY of our friends have chosen to vaccinate their children according to CDC guidelines and have had absolutely no problems. But we do have some friends who have had problems/reactions and the possible link to vaccines cannot be ignored. It's so scary to have to make decisions that impact the health and well-being of these little people, our precious children. They depend on us for everything, including keeping them safe and out of harm's way, so this is always a rough day for us.
On a lighter note, they did GREAT! Only one shot today and they did well with the big ouchie. Obviously, there were screams, but they soon settled down and were happy to have fruit/yogurt flavored rice cakes in the car along with a DVD about the ABC's.
Here are the stats:

Kendall is 25.4 lbs (32%) and 35 & 3/4 inches tall(90%). Pedi says she could be tall as an adult, possibly 5'10", but that is just a guess, of course.

Emma is 22.6 lbs (5%) and 32 & 1/2 inches tall (16%). Pedi has always described her physique as a "gymnast", and she still believes that about Ems and would expect her to be around 5'4" as an adult.

Clark is also 25.4 lbs (18%) and 35 inches tall (63%). The dr said he might be about 6' tall as an adult, but again, this is just an estimate.

She was very happy with their progress. Emma was very unsure about the new people (dr and nurse) and wasn't willing to get too close (I doubt the shot helped her opinion of them). Clark went right to the pedi and gave her a big "hiiiii" and "heeeyyyy", in typical form. Kendall was a little cautious, but became chatty and seemed to want to explain what she thought was going on the whole time.

I wanted to go ahead and get the post written and will add pictures once they are up from naps later this afternoon.

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