Monday, February 22, 2010

More Sibling Sweetness

OK, so it might not be very obvious, but Clark was actually the instigator in these displays of affection between he and Kendall. I was SHOCKED and ran to get the camera only to be given MORE glimpses of these precious moments between the two of them. Emma was not interested at all and stayed away from the whole thing and didn't seem at all bothered that C didn't come to her for hugs.
Clark continued to approach Kendall with arms outstretched and they would embrace. The both drooled on each other's shoulders and, of course, Clark did receive an injury (K bit his shoulder) and still he came back for more hugs! Go figure. Funny thing is the picture right after her biting incident is the one where he sort of looks like he just might choke her, but he hugged her instead.
Then he tackled her on the couch for more snuggles and then sat on her and started pointing to her eyes, nose, etc, like she always does to everyone else. And she started playing with his hair and my shot of that sort of looks like those gorillas grooming each other at the zoo. It was pretty funny. And pretty amazing that they continued this even later in the evening when Daddy got to see it for himself.
We really do love to see them act as though they like each other. I know that there will be times of sibling rivalry, but I really hope that there is a wonderful bond between the three of them that will endure.

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