Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Days Keepin' the Clouds Away....

We had another BEAUTIFUL day here and tried to get the kids outside as much as possible. They had playtime in the front yard and ate at their picnic table and then we moved the fun to the driveway - bubbles & bikes. When naptime rolled around, they were less than enthused to come indoors, but we convinced them that we would play after naps.
Once everyone woke up (after Mommy and Daddy spent the entire two hours working in the garage), we headed to the park. They are not used to "strangers", so usually they think they know everyone they meet. Today was a very busy day at the park and the kids were pretty interested in observing other kids and parents playing. Kendall seemed particularly drawn to the kids playing basketball. Clark loved having access to mulch, though there weren't as many incidences of it going in his mouth, which is definitely progress. Emma loved the slide and just wandering around from one thing to another. Fortunately, Auntie Karen met us there so that we had one adult per child in order to facilitate the most fun. :)
Afterwards, we had to pick up Teddy from his salon-spa day and ran into my nephew, Tommy, and his new baby, Pearl. She is a 6 wk old English Bulldog and too cute. I got to hold her and she snorted while she tried to snuggle. Sweet.
We headed to Cracker Barrel and met up with Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom and the kids ate like PIGS! They really like chicken strips, okra, mac 'n cheese and carrots. We even treated them to a scoop of ice cream for dessert since they ate like champs!
All in all it was a great weekend full of family-time and sunshine and even some productive work around the house. Woo hoo!
Oh and I wanted to mention a few moments in the pics: Kendall ate almost all of the grapes on all three plates today. Fortunately this did not turn into WW3. She does love the fruit. They look incredibly dirty because, well, they were. They got their hands in the dirt and Mommy didn't bother to clean it up (I know, I can't believe it either!). At the park, Ems was sifting through mulch and throwing it over her head...which meant it ended up in her hair. Pretty. And, of course, Kendall did some dancing while we were out front. Love it! Clark was busy being all boy and digging in dirt, climbing on things and...oh, pushing the pink and blue baby buggy, though I don't think I got any pics of that. ;)

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