Saturday, February 6, 2010

Throwing in the party towel

Well, after a second cancellation of their birthday party, we've decided to just pass on it for this least for now. We have heard about some families (especially those with multiples) celebrating half birthdays when the date falls during the winter months and/or especially close to Christmas. Last weekend we had snow and ice and this weekend we had Clark up all night and running a slight fever. I'm thinking that he just needed a little extra TLC last night, but who knows. Mommy and Daddy are sleep-deprived after a really long and busy week, so we are praying that he is a good sleeper tonight for us. Daddy is downstairs chasing them around their playroom in an effort to wear their butts out before bedtime. We can only pray that this works! ;) They have full bellies and lots of running, so surely they will all sleep until 11am tomorrow, right?!?!?
We did have one surprise visitor today, H, and the kids were glad to see her and get some playtime (and cuddles too). She helped us get through lunch and I know that the kids enjoyed seeing a new face.
I hate that we won't be celebrating birthday #2 in big style, but hopefully we can do something fun outdoors this summer and make it a party.
Happy Superbowl tomorrow. Don't forget to order pizza! You should check out the deals at Papa Johns!!! wink-wink

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