Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bats not rats!

We found some droppings that looked suspiciously like mouse or rat droppings in front of our garage door. We swept them away hoping it was a one time rodent block party held in front of our garage door. The next day to our unhappy surprise there was more. We then called our pest control guy and he put these little bait traps close to the area that are kid proof(a must because they get into everything) and we hoped that in a few days we would not see any more rodent poop on the concrete. I noticed poop on the house ABOVE THE GARAGE DOOR! That means the rodents are in the attic above our garage. Thankfully, the attic there doesn't connect to the rest of the house.
Tonight, I was talking to some friends in the driveway at dusk and out of the corner of my eye saw something come out of the gable vent where we thought the rodents were living (and where the poop bombs were coming from).  There were BATS flying out. I counted around 6 to 8 bats coming out of the vent. We are actually happy about the fact we have bats (instead of rats) even though they are mostly just rats with wings. So now we have a bat specialist coming to the house to see about the eviction of said flying rodents. That's right people Batman is coming to our house!

We have some terrific pics of Kendall feeding Clark some imaginary food and also Emma enjoying a cookie with Clark and Kendall and of course being the jet setter that she is, keeping her phone close. Don't wanna miss any calls from Elmo or Cookie Monster! Have an awesome Friday all! - Daddy

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Anna said...

They eat mosquitoes; you may want to keep them around! I know it sounds nutso, but very few bats actually have disease and it's highly unlikely they will attack anyone. :D

If you want to evict them from the gables, you could buy a bat house from Mayo and put it elsewhere in the yard.