Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monkey on My Back

The kids were taking turns wearing the monkey backpack (AKA toddler leash).  They found it upstairs and decided it was a great thing to fight over so I tried the diplomatic approach where each child had a turn.  In the end, they would all get tired of having that thing strapped on them after just a few minutes and it became less interesting. 
Clark's new thing is to do the cheesy-close-your-eyes-smile when he sees my flash start going.  He's making it very difficult to get a cute picture of him and his beautiful eyes when he does this, but it is also pretty funny.  I don't know if he is trying to "help" me or be annoying, but I think it's kind of cute.
We are so grateful that the sitter took the kids to her house for a couple of hours today so that I could CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN!  Troy even made a quick trip home in between work stops to help me get the floors done before they returned.  Our vacuum and floor cleaner are so loud that the kids are not really big fans of the whole process, so it was nice to be able to focus on the floors without worrying over a potential meltdown or psychological damage.
I'm going to try to shut it down a little earlier today because I've got a lot going on for the rest of the week.  There is a big consignment sale here this weekend (feel free to send me a message if you would like more information) and I've got to finish getting my items tagged and logged in addition to the "usual" things that keep me occupied.  We are also excited about a surprise visitor coming tomorrow, but I'll wait to share the information until the actual arrival.

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